Population Health Management: Combining IT and Clinical Resources to Achieve Healthcare’s Triple Aim

Efforts to transform U.S. health care are focusing on better health for populations, better care for individuals and lower per capita costs. We are all aware of these efforts, but is anyone REALLY doing population health management successfully? Is it just an industry buzzword? Few organizations have the IT infrastructure, experience AND trained clinical/business staff required to truly transform operations for effective population health management.

A strong IT platform that provides usable data is the essential foundation for managing population health. It must a) accurately profile the population using all available data sources, b) stratify/categorize the data into risk groupings, c) indicate special circumstances, and d) assign members to an accountable provider. However, this is only the beginning. Strong provider and member engagement strategies must enable behavior change through timely use of the IT and data. This involves deploying trained practice transformation experts to help reduce care gaps, redesign workflows, improve quality, implement evidence based guidelines and creatively engage members. In this session, we will discuss the challenges and solutions related to successful population health management.

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